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MBT Care Instructions

MBT Care Instructions

Mbt shoes

Clean soiled MBTs as soon as
possible, so dirt does not become


MBT Shoes

Clean them by hand with a sponge

and diluted soapy water up to 30

C.Let them dry well, sidewise at

room temperature. Do not Wash 

MBTs in the washing machine!

mbt shoes

Please lay wet MBTs on their side

and allow to dry at room temperature

(never close to direct heat)

before you use them again.

The Masai Sensor, in particular,

has to be completely dry.

MBT Shoes

Avoid contact with aggressive

liquids (acids, disinfectants,...),


or blood and other aggressive substances

mbt shoes

Do not cause mechanical damage to the Masai Sensor with sharp  Objects.